Hi there, i’m Elizabeth/Lizzie. I’m 18 and live in England.

I write and I’m hoping for this to be my career; I shall be a creative writing student as of September. You’ll find my articles on here, and possibly some  of my poetry and short stories in the future. Writing is what I love.

A few things you might want rubble about me; Yoga and meditation are 2 of the most important things in my life, I swear by them. I am a vegetarian. I currently have around 45/50 dreadlocks, and i am so excited to watch them develop. I am a Pisces. Towards the end of last year I started my journey in spiritual awakening, and i have learnt so much it would be impossible to put it all into words, but I know that everyday i will learn more and more and I am so excited for the rest of my life and all the lessons it will bring me. 

I am who I am. Radiate peace.

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you.”

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thanks for taking the effort to recently follow my blog. I wish you the very best in your quest in radiating peace, especially in your yoga and meditation practices. If you have any questions or want to share information on the topics of Mediation, Spirituality and Healing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve been involved in these worlds since 1991 and was born to help people grow. http://www.josephdrumheller.com


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